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Newbie Realworld Question - Utilizing Exported XML file in MySQL/User input

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I am a beginner and a building architect and not a developer, so please take pity. Ok, I have a XML file eported from an application, the data contains everything from materials to 3D info. I would like to extract a list of room numbers to a MySQL db and be able to pull that information into a dropdown selectable list for use by users on a web form. I have been using the loadxmldoc.js script from the tutorial to parse the file as a first step. The question is where do I go next? Also, the parsed text has a tag of "Name" and is a child of "Space". However, just parsing 'Name' brings with it the child text from Parents - "Location" and "Coordinate" which are different levels of the XML documents but have the same "Name" tags. How can I only pull the Space/Name text? and how can I get this to populate a drop down menu? Thank you in advance.

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You can do it with XPath, but XPath with JavaScript is tricky. Plus, you want to put that information into a MySQL database, so JavaScript is not appropriate anyway.PHP has a DOM API which is close to what you have in JavaScript. For loading the file, there's DOMDodument::load() (check out the example), and the rest is mostly a matter of replacing JavaScript's "." with PHP's "->".To use XPath, you need to load a document, and then use DOMXPath::query() (as demonstrated in the examples).The XPath query you need is "//Space/Name". Check out The XPath tutorial for details on XPath's syntax.

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