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Review online takeaway menu please newbie

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Hi guys i have been learning a bit of web design recently and have been on and off for a few years learning this and i would say i am more beginner level i have been self teaching myself but also joined up this site to learn more smile.gif So here is my site http://www.homecook-stirling.co.uki am doing the web validation so have a few errors i am going to try and fixThe menu page im still tweaking arond with it but my home page i am more less happy withi like the marquee with scrolling pictures but don't know if it is to old fashioned or ifanything can be added to make it bit nicer like some effectswhat i have done the site with is some html and css which i am learning little more each time and so far thats as far as my design knowledge go's :s Inspiration overall is something I need to pick up on and learn if i plan to do other sites unfortunately I don't have a great artistic mind and will need to learn to think out the box And learn how to use graphic/images as they are just basic in any i doSo guys any feedback would be appreciated ? thank youp.s i am a new member don't be to hard on me ha ha

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In today's demanding world, more and more people are turning to the web for simple ways to order food from their favorite restaurants. If you are a business owner and don't have your own website, there is a good opportunity you are losing business to your competitors. In addition, having a website does not promise that you will get the desired users coming to your site and this is where eatonline, an expert on online restaurant menus and online ordering can help.

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