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Guest Keytone

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Guest Keytone

I have three people with businesses that want me to create websites for them that don't have anything to do with credit cards, shopping carts, or anything like that. They just want advertising pages that the customer calls their 1-800 number and the order is done over the phone.They need a site that they don't have to learn HTML, javascript, CSS or anything. They just want to be able to place text and images where they want them. I would teach them how to maintain such a site, for a fee of course, but I only find sites like GoDaddy and Yahoo and other sites that are extremely limited. The potential clients are willing to pay the monthly or yearly fee for the webhosting, but I haven't been able to find one that fits the requirements.Any suggestions?or should I be asking this question in a different forum?John (keytone) :facepalm:

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