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Hello everyone, I am here with a seemingly naive query - the selection of technology for quickly building a web site. I would like to make a note of my technological exposure so that the members can help me better : I work on Java,EJB,JSP,Servlets,PL-SQLI know a bit of Javascript,HTML,CSS and ExtJSI don't have any experience of scripting languages like PHP My requirement is to build a site where I can put my travel(bike expeditions,hiking etc.) experiences in form of text notes,GPS coordinates,maps and tracks(I use Garmin tracker),pictures,videos,including Google Earth and Maps plug-ins, indexing places that I visited i.e advanced searches revealing links to the pages on my website etc. I intend to keep my web site light-weight,independent of any vendors e.g If I use GWT, I need a Google Web app container on the server side and most important, quick development of UI using editors(as I am not into UI coding). Requesting all guys out here to guide me to build the website in a short span. Thanks and regards !

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ExtJS has a UI IDE, that may interest you. I'm not very familiar with most of the technologies you use often so I'm not sure if there are frameworks to help with those. PHP has some frameworks that may help, but the learning curve may eliminate the time savings from using the framework. In general the requirements are fairly complex, so I would expect to spend a few months putting everything together and testing it all. If you go with ExtJS for the interface, I bet that you can find several components people have made to integrate things like Google Earth or Maps, videos, etc.

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