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RegEx Replace Help

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I need a lil help with a greasemonkey script im trying to make..I need it to take all the Forms in the source HTML <form>(.*)</form>And place them all before/above all the Tables in the HTML <table>(.*)</table>so originally it looks like this


I want to change it to this


How would I do this?

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Not vary good with regex expressions, the code doesnt work, i was just trying to match all the data between the the <form> and <table> tags but I cant seem to get it to work.. I think it needs to also include matching linefeeds or carriage returns in the (.*) brackets but I'm not familiar with this regex replace functions or variables..

var DIV = document.getElementsByTagName("div");for(i=0;i<DIV.length;i++){ DIV[i].innerHTML = DIV[i].innerHTML.replace(/\<form\>(.*)\<\/form\>/g, '');DIV[i].innerHTML = DIV[i].innerHTML.replace(/\<table\>(.*)\<\/table\>/g, '');}

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