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Retrieving the complex elements in the XPath

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Hi I want to know, How can we get the complex elements in the xml file using XPath. For example, this is my xml file <envelope> <header/> <body> <parentComplexType> <request1> <element1> ....... <elementn> <request2> <element1> ....... <elementn> </parentComplexType> </body></envelope> I want to retrieve the "element1 to elementn" of request1 and request2. I am able to retrieve these, but the problem is that these are custom made class objects. So when I retireve I am getting this either as "String" or "Object". If I get as Object I am not able to cast to the Custom made objects even though Custom made class is Serialized. Please let me know. How can I do that. Thanks,Venkat.

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What language are the custom objects in?You should probably make a method that specifies how the unserialization goes about, just as you have one that specifies how the serialization goes about.

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