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Flash Animations On A Frameset Based Website


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I have created a website that uses a HTML frameset. I have a Flash Banner in the header frame - it loops and is visible wherever the user may navigate within the website - there are no problems with it on the local machine or when viewed from the web. I have an animation page, which I have reworked probably half a dozen times in different ways in an attempt to solve the problem which only occurs when the site is uploaded and then viewed in IE6. There are two animated .swf's on it and they are set to loop and do not require a rewind, fast forward, play or stop button. When viewed on the local machine, everything is where it should be and loops until you leave the page. After I upload it to the web, I wait a couple of minutes to ensure the server has organised itself and the files properly. I then visit my site using IE6 and I cannot believe it - one animation is visible but the other one just has its bodytext description and some empty space. Creating a website that functions properly is very important to me for a number of reasons - I love digital art and design; I always seek to do things to the best of my ability and to output fully professional work; plus I want to get a better job than the boring, mindless, low paying job I currently have. I do not have a Degree in IT, nor a Degree in Visual Communication (this may change in future), but I am determined to progress and learn anyway. This is the address of my website: [url="http://people.aapt.net.au/~jmalcomson"]http://people.aapt.net.au/~jmalcomson[/url]. (please do not put [url="http://www.people....etc"]http://www.people....etc[/url] - It will not work)I only learnt to make a website in the last month, but I am always reworking it and learning as I go. How can I get more control over nested tables so that these problems do not happen? Is my table too small to properly display its own contents?Can anybody help me with this problem? I only found this website last week, so I know I may have not observed the correct protocols/practices when it comes to posting a topic. I have never even joined a forum before - this is my first membership. Thanks.
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