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CSS Rules Not Applying


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Site in question: http://www.sunsetgri.../menu-lunch.php This rule...

/*line 68, css/content.css*/  table.add-to tr {  border-bottom: dotted 1px #ccc;}

... seems like it's not being applied. When I change the border-bottom declaration to something like font-weight or font-style though, it applies no problem... All code is easily visible on site, but I'll gladly supply code here if need be. Any thoughts? Edit: I know I could just add classes to the <tr> tags that I'd like borders under, but there are multiple occurrences of the .add-to table and I'd rather not; I'm trying to keep the code as tidy as possible. Edit again: I've looked at this in Firebug, but can't find a reason the code above isn't working.

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