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General Mobile Question - Viewing Main Sites Freeze?

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Mobiles site work fine but when I view a sites main desktop version the page locks up (on both iphone and droid). It occasionally allows me to zoom in and out but just locks up again. I cant pan the screen around and I can't fill in forms. I'm just looking for some possible answers. Could it be that the site is too heavy for the phone?I can provide a url if needed.

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you have a script trace error on line 4 of global.js

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'cycle'
I don't believe cycle is a native jquery method, are you missing some sort of dependency library/plugin? also, why do you have so many document(ready) functions? Just use one and put all your code in that, as the documentation stateshttp://api.jquery.com/ready/ Edited by thescientist
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