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move info in and out of javascript


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hi everyone long time no see ;) so let me get to it... i got php outputing a word or 2 and the word is diffrent every time in a link....

<a href="#" onclick="return false" onmousedown="javascript:boxsetup()"><?php echo $word ?></a>

now how do i get the php word to post to javascript "onmousedown" to put in a div?i have this so fear...

  function boxsetup() { alert("Hello World!");}

the alert box was a test only

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ok the div i would like to send theword to looks like this on my page

<div> <div><div id="title">here is where i need "theword"</div></div></div>

how do i change line...targetelement = document.getElementById("whateveridref");in the code?

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:facepalm: look at this "getElementById" 'get element by id", what about this ""whateveridref" "whatever id ref" Now! where is the ID ref/name
<div id="title">here is where i need "theword"</div>

Please don't reply ' is it "theword" ' "whateveridre"->"whateveridr"->"whateverid"->"whateveri"->"whatever"->"whatevf"->"whatev"->"whate"->"what"->"wha"->"wh"->"w"->""->"t"->"ti"->"######"->"titl"->"title" represents deleting each letter of "whateveridref" then replace, and end up with correct id ref/name, which is.... (the' ######' is what the forum does when it takes the word as being used as Abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene.

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