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Helloooo... I am trying to get a link to open on click in an iframe but I keep getting errors. <iframe src="read.asp" name="read" hieght="300" width="500">Response.Write ("<a href=""read.asp?ID=" & rsGuestbook("ID") & "target=""read"">") I am using the above code and when I run my page the iframe has already appeared and the page has errored. Please help!

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waiting for more source code, with you given errors i see are <iframe src="read.asp" name="read" height="300" width="500"></iframe> because the iframe will go the src as soon as it is rendered, if it needs the query string with id, it will always attempt to load and give an error, unless you give it a default address to a default page onloading of the page. the asp code for querrystring does not seem to have a closing quote either? and you probably have quote conflicts i would use single quotes Response.Write ('<a href="read.asp?ID=' & rsGuestbook("ID") &' " target="read">') easy to ready, and less confusing.

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