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Pulling data dynamically based on 2 SQL tables

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Hello Everyone,Been awhile since I've meandered into the forums on here, but I'm banging my head against a wall trying to figure this one out.Set Up: I have 2 tables in a SQL database. One lists whether a person is a friend with another person. The second is an Activity table that lists what someone posts as a status update.Goal: I need to be able to display not only a users own status updates, but updates that any of their "friends" have posted.Right now I've only been able to pull the persons own feed with a simple query, and I'm wondering how I would go about pulling all feeds from anyone that they are friends with.Friends Table has the following fields: id, senderid, recipientid, status (Status can be 'N' for declined, 'Y' for accepted, and 'P' for pending, for the purposes of this problem, I only need to pull the friends with 'Y')The Activity table has: id, activity, posterid, recipientid.So basically a User A posts something. Then if he is friends with user B, user B would see that User A has posted something. Thanks in advance guys, and if there's any more information I can get to you to get a hand with this just let me know!

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justsomeguy, Seriously I want to send you a warm thank you and a +1. That was exactly what was needed, and for you to be able to extricate that from the garble that I placed above is truly above par. Thanks. Now, just so I don't fall victim to easy syndrome, I'm going to go reference what you've wrote and figure this out on my own as well. Thanks again!

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