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Internet Explorer difficulties


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I'm having a bizarre problem, written a javascript to change a value in a textbox dependent on the value of a selected radio button. I have an onClick on each of the buttons which runs a function which starts thus:

  function allcheck()  {  if (document.getElementById('capture1').checked)  {  document.getElementById('capture').value = 450  }  if (document.getElementById('capture2').checked)  {  document.getElementById('capture').value = 730

and continues in a similar fashion.this works fine in Firefox amd Safari, but doesn't do anything whatsoever when it runs on Internet Explorer. I have a similar script in the page which starts

  function couplingcheck()  {  if (document.getElementById('couplingcheckbox').checked)  {  document.getElementById('couplingtotal').value = 200,  document.getElementById('stops1').disabled = false,

which works in IE. I'm using GoLive which generates some script of its own and am really quite confused. Any ideas?Thanks in advance, badge

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sorry Little Goat, been away for a few days,the check box and text box refered to in the working code appear here:

<td>Check for coupling: <input type="checkbox" id="couplingcheckbox" onclick="couplingcheck()"></td><td colspan="2"><div align="right">Total:<input type="text" name="e" id="couplingtotal" size="6" value="0"/></div></td>

and the part which doesn't work has radio buttons:

<td>Number of stops:</td><td align="right">1 - 32</td><td width="24"><input type="radio" Id="stops1" name="stops" disabled="true" onclick="allcheck()"></td><td colspan="3" align="right">Stops Total: <input type="text" name="b" id="stops" size="6" value="0"/></td>

As I said, everything works fine in Firefox, Opera and Safari, but checking the radio boxes in IE gives no response,ta, badge

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you are missing closing brackets.

function allcheck() { if (document.getElementById('capture1').checked) { document.getElementById('capture').value = 450 } if (document.getElementById('capture2').checked) { document.getElementById('capture').value = 730 }}function couplingcheck() { if (document.getElementById('couplingcheckbox').checked) { document.getElementById('couplingtotal').value = 200 document.getElementById('stops1').disabled = false }}

and i'm not sure why you put the commas after the last statements. i don't believe they are necessary and ie objected to having a comma after the last statement.also, i'm not sure what you are looking for with only one radio button. but whatever value i entered in the stops total box, i got 200 in the total box when i checked the "check for coupling" box.what are you looking for?

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