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Is flash hard?

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If you can figure out how to create a cute little bunny inyour signature using ASCII text characters, you should be able to figure out flash.In all sincerety, its not THAT hard once you undersand that everything is based on a timeline and that you can either place graphics, buttons, or movies on that timeline.I wouldn't buy it right now, download the 30 day free trial and immediately begin working through the tutorials that included in the software. Open it up and click Help - there are 7 or 8 interactive tutorials that you work in flash with.Make your decision from there.

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I don't think it's hard at all. If you have any experience with JavaScript at all I think it makes it easier for ActionScript, only because JS helps you understand the syntax of ActionScript, but it would be just as easy to learn AS if you started new. Either way i htink you need some web language experience (HTML and CSS maybe), but animation isn't hard either. I think you'll do fine if you can make and run a web page. Go for it and have fun!

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