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Looping Issues


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I am trying to generate a list of drop downs using a series of loops. I did not think this would be a problem, but the following keeps timing out at 60 secs:

for ($x=0; $x<$types; $x++) { //$types = 20	$html.="<tr class='rightAlign'>\n";		$value = '';		if (isset($this->Description[$x])) {			$value = $this->Description[$x];		}		$html.="<td><input type='text'".$class." maxlength='25' tabindex='".($tabStop++)."' id='Description".($x+1).$setID."' name='Description[".$x."]' value='".$value."' style='width: 200px;' /></td>\n"; 		$html.="<td>\n";		if ($hover != 0) {			$desc = '';			if (!empty($this->Assembly[$x])) {				$desc = $this->Assembly[$x];			}			$html.="<span".$class." style='display: inline-block; width: 50px;'>".htmlentities($desc, ENT_QUOTES)."</span>\n";		} else {			$html.="<select name='CompAssembly[".$x."]' id='CompAssembly".($x+1).$setID."' tabindex='".($tabStop++)."'".$class." style='width: 70px;' >\n";				$html.="<option value='0'>None</option>\n";		   	 //********************************************************************************				foreach ($arrAssemblies as $Assm => $Details) { //153 assemblies					$assmTypes = explode(';', strtolower($Details['AssemblyType'])); 					$selected = '';					if ($Assm == $this->Assembly[$x]) {						$selected = " selected='selected'";					} 					$PartList = '';					for ($x=0; $x<ASSM_PART_CNT; $x++) { //5 parts per assembly						if ($Details['Part'.($x+1)] != '') {							if ($PartList != '') {								$PartList.="; ";							}							$PartList.=$Details['Part'.($x+1)];						}					}					//Add tube sizes and i-beam descriptions to part list tooltip					if (in_array('tube', $assmTypes) || in_array('ibeam', $assmTypes) || in_array('ibeamdbl', $assmTypes)) {						$PartList.= ' - '.$Details['Notes'];					} 					$html.="<option value='".$Assm."' title='".$PartList."'".$selected.">".$Assm."</option>\n";				}		   	 //********************************************************************************				// $html.=$AssmList;			$html.="</select>\n";		}		$html.="</td>\n"; 		$value = '';		if (isset($this->Length[$x]) && ($this->Length[$x] > 0)) {			$value = $this->Length[$x]*12;		}		$html.="<td><input type='text'".$class." tabindex='".($tabStop++)."' id='Length".($x+1).$setID."' name='Length[".$x."]' value='".$value."' style='width: 50px;' /></td>\n"; 		$value = '';		if (isset($this->Quantity[$x]) && ($this->Quantity[$x] > 0)) {			$value = $this->Quantity[$x];		}		$html.="<td><input type='text'".$class." tabindex='".($tabStop++)."' id='Quantity".($x+1).$setID."' name='Quantity[".$x."]' value='".$value."' style='width: 50px;' /></td>\n";	$html.="</tr>\n";}

If I remove the marked section from the outer loop and populate the $AssmList variable with the options instead, it works just fine. Only one problem: I can't set the selected option because I need to use the $x from the outer loop to check $this->Assembly[$x] and obviously I can't do that outside of the outer loop.I can understand that taking this section out takes less time (15300 iterations vs 785) though I didn't think 15k iterations would take quite that long.Anyway, the question is, how do I get this to run within the 60 second timeframe and still be able to set the selected options? Boy I hope all that made sense.... :(

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