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Horizontal Menu Bar problems with IE

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I am trying to make a horizontal menu bar for a website. I am doing it the way they show on W3 with a <ul> list and css formatting. Every attempt looks horrible in IE 8.0. The usual bullets are still present and it is still vertical instead of floating horizontal.Can anyone take a look at this and tell me how to make this type of menu show up properly in the common versions of IE? Here is the site: http://cwarchitect.d....com/index.html

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Any IE version less than 9 does not support html5 elements <header>, <nav>, and these are not for use in transitional, strict doctypes either if you go by http://w3schools.com/tags/default.asp OK! from scratch, HTML5 uses doctype <!DOCTYPE HTML> and you should also set charset

<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><title>Chet Wesenberg Architect</title><meta charset="UTF-8" />


<image src="img/DSC_0566.JPG" alt="image" width="958px" height="533px"></image>

should be

<img src="img/DSC_0566.JPG" alt="image" width="958" height="533">


chet wesenberg architect, llc · 920.230.4900 · chet@cwarchitect.net

should be (left out ';' as in ·)

chet wesenberg architect, llc · 920.230.4900 · chet@cwarchitect.net

to make html5 work in IE less than 9 you have to use javascript createElement() for HTML5 Elements, so any other of these used will have to be added the creatElement list

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/script.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">	document.createElement("article");	document.createElement("footer");	document.createElement("header");	document.createElement("hgroup");	document.createElement("nav");	</script>

always validate using http://validator.w3.org/

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@dsonesuk: Thanks for all the pointers there! I think I have everything fixed now so far. Everything looks good. I don't hate IE quite as much at the moment now.

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