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You have the tools...now what? lol

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Hello As as Beginner Programmer in Java, where do you start if you want to start building applications??? So much out there that one becomes overwhelmed. Do you:a.) Program and copy existing software?b.) Invent something of your own?c.) Collab with another programmer It is like you have the tools,...now what?? lol (By the way if any of you wants to collab on writing software, PM me please thanks.)

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The question is really what do you want to do? Why did you start programming in the first place? If there's anything that was a driver, go for doing that. If there wasn't one specific thing you wished to do... think about the kind of stuff about programming that have fascinated you (an app about X, a library about Y, etc.) and try to do something like that, but better (or to be precise: intend for it to be somehow better, if it doesn't turn out so).

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