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PHPMyAdmin SQL Query


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I'm not really sure where this would fit in, but I've got an issue that I simply can't resolve. This is my website here. The links on "The Facts" are inputted through PHPMyAdmin, stored as a longtext and then through SQL Querys are posted to the site, then when the link is clicked the content shows in the content area. However, how do I get formatting, like text on different lines, bold, underlined text, in PHPMyAdmin as it removes it all and puts it in one big block? http://southwestdesign.org.uk/SavePLH/ Any ideas appreciated please!

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I use longtext and it has <em></em> to emphasise <strong></strong> to make text bold within it, and it does not get removed, you just have to be careful how you us single quotes or apostrophes, and double quotes id adding inline styling example

<span syle='font-size: 18px;'> 

within the text with

echo '<p>'.$table_column_code.'</p>';

will make it think the single quotes inside the code was part of the echo code that separates text from php code.

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