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fast question on parallax scrolling

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Hello, im now working on a parallax site,i script im using:

//if the second section is in view...  if($secondBG.hasClass("inview")){   //call the newPos function and change the background position   $secondBG.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 1550, 0.3)});   //call the newPos function and change the second background position   goggles.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 2000, 0.6)});   goggles_side.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, -200, pos, 0.9)});   ringbox_01.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, -300, pos, 0.6)});   ringbox_02.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, -300, pos, 0.6)});   compass_1.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(95, windowHeight, pos, 2200, 0.6)});  }

But i want the objects to stop at a specific position rather than non-stop.eg: http://www.nikebetterworld.com/productThe objects have a landing ground. Thanks a lot

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I'm not sure what all of the parameters in your code represent, but if you want a minimum or maximum then you'll need to check that and change those values before calling the functions I assume. It's hard to say with only seeing those lines of code.

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