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Private media hosting web server/folder contents displayed in tabs


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I started a similar topic in Web Servers to try and pin down getting php/mysql up and running which I believe got resolved. So I have a few things that I'd like to do, but I'll tell you about what it currently does: I have 5 links (music, videos, wallpapers, funny, games) that open up to a hard drive on my web server, so you can see all the files in the respected folder. Unfortunately, it doesn't look so pretty and doesn't have any options to upload. I am wondering, and maybe I am in the wrong forum, if there is something I can do to display the files in the folders in a more presentable way, instead of what it looks like when you open an ftp site in a browser. What I am thinking is maybe tabbed browsing within the website for each folder with the contents already displayed, maybe CSS, with also a button that allows you to upload to a certain folder (that might be a web server config thing). Kind of hard to explain, hope I explained ti well - just looking for some references or something to go off of. Thanks in advance! Regards, Rob

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