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Some problems

Jack McKalling

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Hello, good to see you :) *correction, read*FunLinks is my own site. It can be found here, and is Dutch. Click hereBut it has been shut down for the time being.I want to have a visitor counter, which I have but not implemented on the site yet, and it has a bug to be fixed. Can any one help me with the following?

Count = "<?php$txtbestand = "bezoekers.txt";$content = fopen ($txtbestand, "r");$num = fgets ($content, 1000);fclose ($content);echo ($num);?>"
It should result as:
Count = "7"
As for the blue, is some number in file "bezoekers.txt".It leaves the quotes blank :)Ps.: the file that was opened consists of only that number. Edited by Dan The Prof
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