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Adding websites to lightbox


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hey sup, this is my last question, from my last topic i had some help and i got it working perfectly fine, then i got the lightbox working fine also, even get the right click on the pictures to be disable, BUT this is what got me stucked, so i dont have no business cards "never done one for anyone before" so thats out, flyers thats on my external hard drives so thats out for now, which comes to the websites i had created for a few people, which im not too sure how i can place that in the projects table like i did in the lightbox? i did <a href=http://www.divinedesigns1.com rel="lightbox">divinedesigns1</a> but it only keep on loading and nothing happens 0.o any suggestion or tips? this is the link to the site http://www.divinedesigns1.com/projects.html

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