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This only works in IE


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Hey guys im having a problem with displaying images on top of each other using java script.I tested it out and disabling the java script the images stack on top of each other with no problem. im using java script to hide the images then show one by one. like a slide show. it works fine in IE.The problem is the images that java script is controling isnt going between the letters of the words. This is with the java script disabled. it all works fine 5 images being displayed on top of each other inside.jpg Then when I use java script to hide then show the images one by one it looks like this. The first image isnt controled by java script so it remains in placefirefox.jpg

.stargate {display:inline;position:absolute;margin-top:20px;margin-left:-5px;} 

$(function(){  var things = $('.stargate');  var index = 0;  things.hide(0);  var stargate = function() {   things.eq(index).fadeIn(0,function(){     });    index++;   if (index < 9) {  setTimeout(stargate,250); }  }; 

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