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Script stop working


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ok so im self learning php, and im reading the book head first, and in one of their excerise they said to place

//define the upload pathdefine('SK_UPLOADPATH', 'photos/');

and the connect script into a different file and then require them once in both index.php and addon.php so i create the connect.php code like this

<?phpdefine('db_host', '');define('db_user', '');define('db_password', '');define('db_name', '');?>

then i made the php file for the SK_UPLOADPATH and in both files i did

require_once 'skimg.php';require_once 'connect.php';

and it stop doing anything 0.o this is the index code

<?phprequire_once 'skimg.php';require_once 'my_connect.php';//connect to the database$conn = mysqli_connect('db_host', 'db_user', 'db_password', 'db_name');//retrieve the score data form$query = "SELECT * FROM scorekeeper";$data = mysqli_query($conn, $query);//loop through the array of data, formatting it as HTMLecho '<table>';while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($data)){//Display the score dataecho '<tr><td class="scoreinfo">';echo '<span class="score">' . $row['score'] . '</span><br/>';echo '<strong>Name: </strong>' . $row['name'] . '<br/>';echo '<strong>Date: </strong>' . $row['date'] . '</td>'; if(is_file($row['screenshot']) && filesize($row['screenshot']) > 0 ) {  echo '<td><img src="' . $row['screenshot'] . '" alt="score image" /></td></tr>';}else {  echo '<td><img src="unverified.gif" alt="unverified score" /></td></tr>';}}echo '</table>';mysqli_close($conn);?>

and this is the addon code

<?phprequire_once 'skimg.php';require_once 'my_connect.php';  if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {    // Grab the score data from the POST    $name = $_POST['name'];    $score = $_POST['score'];$screenshot = $_FILES['screenshot']['name'];    if (!empty($name) && !empty($score)) {  //Move the file to the target upload folder  $target = SK_UPLOADPATH . $screenshot;  if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['screenshot']['tmp_name'], $target)) {	  // Connect to the database	  $conn = mysqli_connect('db_host', 'db_user', 'db_password', 'db_name');	  // Write the data to the database	  $query = "INSERT INTO scorekeeper VALUES (0, NOW(), '$name', '$score', '$screenshot')";	  mysqli_query($conn, $query);	  // Confirm success with the user	  echo '<p>Thanks for adding your new high score!</p>';	  echo '<p><strong>Name:</strong> ' . $name . '<br />';	  echo '<strong>Score:</strong> ' . $score . '</p>';   echo '<img src="' . SK_UPLOADPATH . $screenshot . '" alt="Score image" /></p>';	  echo '<p><a href="index.php"><< Back to high scores</a></p>';	  // Clear the score data to clear the form	  $name = "";	  $score = "";   $screenshot = "";	  mysqli_close($conn);  }    }    else {	  echo '<p class="error">Please enter all of the information to add your high score.</p>';    }  }?>

kindly let me know if im making mistake anywhere in these code, please and thank you

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The connection is supposed to use the constants in the configuration file (connect.php).But by using apostrophes, you're instead writing those as actual hostname, username and password, and I'd assume those aren't valid ones.In other words, replace

$conn = mysqli_connect('db_host', 'db_user', 'db_password', 'db_name');


$conn = mysqli_connect(db_host, db_user, db_password, db_name);

And make sure you enter the appropriate values in connect.php of course.

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oooo so you remove the single quotes and just leave the database info with the commons hehehehe i feel silly :good: thanks onces again boen

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Not just the database info... any time you want to get the value of a constant, you use its name, without quotes. And any time you intend to write a string rather than get a constant's value, you do add single (or double) quotes.

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ok so constants are define('db_host', ''); etc and strings would be the normal way of writing it like $db_host = "blahblah"; correct?

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The define() function (at least in the above example) takes two strings as arguments - a name and a value. Each of these strings is written in "the normal way".A variable declaration doesn't exactly take strings. You just have "$", followed by name of the variable, followed by "=", followed by the value for that variable. The value could be a string (written in "the normal way"), integer, float, etc. or it could be the value of a constant.Consider for example:

define('db_host', 'localhost');$db_host = db_host;

$db_host would have the value


because that is what the value of the constant "db_host" is. If you instead have

define('db_host', 'localhost');$db_host = 'db_host';

The value of $db_host is


because that's what the string on the second line says.

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thank you very much boen, now i can start back studying :) sorry i took so long to reply had to help an employee

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