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Howdy everyone! I am rather new to using css and I have a question concerning css links. I wanted to try something in the <body> tag of my website. Up untell now I have used this method, to set the html backgrounds page colors and so on<body background="backgrounds/tk-back.jpg" style="background-attachment:fixed" bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" link="#0000ff" vlink="#800080" alink="#ff0000"> I figured out that I could put all of that info in to a style sheet and then put an id="sit-background" in to the <body> like this <body id="sit-background"> and it seems be working fine, but I ended up adding html link=, vlink=, and alink in the the <body> tag like this <body id="sit-background" link="gold" vlink="gold" alink="gold"> I can't figur out how to put the link= vlink= and alink in to my style sheet. Here is what I have in the style sheet for the body info:}#sit-background{ background-image: url(../backgrounds/paa_panel.jpg); background-attachment:fixed; width: auto; height: auto; margin: 15px; padding: 0px; } How can I put the link= vlink= and alink in to this id tag, or is that possible?? Thank you for your time and help,Kenny

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