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problem in SUm of time but not count the seconds


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Hi..I notice that I got problem in my code:

SELECT sec_to_time(SUM(time_to_sec(Rendered))) FROM reg_att WHERE EMP_NO = '09300139';

in this query the output is : 103:52:27 // total hours.but it's wrong it should only be 103:51 //if did not count the seconds.Now my question is what would be the syntax to correct the result.this is the sample data:08:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0008:00:0007:56:4207:55:45Thank you so much.

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Try concat(left(Rendered,6),'00') instead of Rendered:

SELECT sec_to_time(SUM(time_to_sec(concat(left(Rendered,6),'00')))) FROM reg_att WHERE EMP_NO = '09300139';

Since, or so it seems, you want to ignore the seconds.

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