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I am using sql 2000. I have a scenario is 1 user can buy many or 0 'package'. and 1 'package' can have 0 or many users. If the user didnt buy the 'package' then he/she will not allow to use the package.I have a headache in my sqlcommandI am using user.identity.name to get my usernamemy database istable t_package: p_id, p_nametable t_user:u_id,u_nametable t_userpackage:p_id, u_idhow shouldmy database look like.the function is, when user click on the list. sqlcommand will check whether have the specific user pay for the specific package. if yes then program will continue if not error msg will shown.if i use dataList control to show my item.How is all my program will look like?

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