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use barcode to input data to textbox then focus the cursor on the next textbox


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Hi..I have form and i want to input data using barcode and it will display on textbox and after input on the first textbox the focus will go to next textbox untill it will go on the last textbox and on the last textbox it will automatically save the data's on the database.How is it possible?here is my sample code:

<?php    error_reporting(0);   date_default_timezone_set("Asia/Singapore"); //set the time zone $con = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root','');if (!$con) {    echo 'failed';    die();}mysql_select_db("mes", $con);?><html><head><script type="text/javascript">function ini(){// Retrieve the codevar code =document.getElementById ("code_read_box1").value;var code =document.getElementById ("code_read_box2").value;var code =document.getElementById ("code_read_box3").value;var code =document.getElementById ("code_read_box4").value;var code =document.getElementById ("code_read_box5").value;var code =document.getElementById ("code_read_box6").value;// Return false to prevent the form to submitreturn false;}</script></head><body onLoad="document.barcode.code_read_box1.focus()"><form name=barcode onsubmit = "return ini()"><input type="text" id="code_read_box1" value="" /><br/><input type="text" id="code_read_box2" value="" /><br/><input type="text" id="code_read_box3" value="" /><br/><input type="text" id="code_read_box4" value="" /><br/><input type="text" id="code_read_box5" value="" /><br/><input type="text" id="code_read_box6" value="" /><br/></form></body></html>

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Try this:

  • When user input data in the textbox and press ENTER key, then it moves focus to the next textbox


function gotoNEXT(el , ev){evenObj=window.event || evif(eventObj.keyCode==13){el.nextSibling.focus()}}

Add this to all textbox, except the last one:


If you know the amount of numbers, that will be entered into the textbox, then there is another way of doing this without the ENTER key and the next textbox gets focus automatically

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