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Need help with editting


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welcome to the forums. I think you just set the record for the quickest **bump** - typically one waits a couple days not a couple of hours!:)Anyhway, your question is rather vague. You can edit pages directly on the internet by way of some online authoring tool. Many free or cheap hosting services offer something like this. Is just a web based form that allows you edit tohe HTML directly.However, seasoned veterns and web professionals always have at least two environments - ideally three. They are "development", "testing" (ideal), and "production". You develop and mess up code all you want in the development environment. You promote it to test once you "think" you have it worked out. Often times you are hypnotized by your own code that you miss something, so you fix it on dev, move it to test and then finally to production. Moving files from one server to the other is either done directly by copying and pasting across your LAN, or by using versioning software (like Visual Source Safe) or by manually FTPing the pages up and down.But CSS, by itself is not a tool or means of editing a page. It is file, just like the HTML page. You can edit the page online or offline, and those changes, once saved, will take hold in the environment in which the file resides.

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