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how create config.php whit form


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Greetings, there is another way to write a php file than this but whit combobox....

<form action="mod_d.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" ><div align="center">  <table width="291" border="0">	<tr>	  <td width="159" class="textoextra"><div align="right"> dias de tolerancia</div></td>	  <td width="122"><table width="30" border="0">		  <tr>			<td><input  name="dia" type="text" class="textoextra" id="dia" value="<? echo "$dia"; ?>" size="3" /></td>		  </tr>		</table></td>	</tr>	   <tr>	  <td class="textoextra"> </td>	  <td> </td>	</tr>	<tr>	  <td class="textoextra"><div align="right">Perfil para Cortes</div></td>	  <td><input   name="status" type="text" class="textoextra" id="status" value="<? echo "$status"; ?>" /></td>	</tr>  </table></div><p align="center">  <input  class="form" name="enviar" type="submit" value="Guardar">  <input type="button" value="volver atrás" name="volver atrás2" onclick="history.back()" /></p></form>

thanks for you help

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let me see if I can explain better ... I want to make a form to write or put some variables in a "config.php" but in the form I put a collapsible list where you'll get data from an external server ... the file is this (config.php)

 <?php//The following ensures all submitted data can be safely written as a PHP string, without causing parsing errors or worse.$ros_host = isset($_POST['ros_host']) ? addslashes($_POST['ros_host']) : '';$ros_user = isset($_POST['ros_user']) ? addslashes($_POST['ros_user']) : '';$ros_pass = isset($_POST['ros_pass']) ? addslashes($_POST['ros_pass']) : ''; 

but how make the form for edit that...thanks advance

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