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404 found on localhost please help


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Hello Everyone,Please help all of a sudden my I cannot view my site through localhost. I've restart apache services everything is ok there but still cannot view my site I get. I've installed Apache 2.2.19 and PHP/5.3.5. both separate. My remote info is Local/Network, Server Model None, Access Local/Network, folders are in htdocs directory, HTPP address Localhost, Links relative to Document. Localhost was my server response.It was working fine until couple of days ago I have no idea what i've done wrong or what happened it's a mystery. I am wondering if it's because I am working between two different dreamweavers one is dreamwever 8 the other dreamweaver cs5.5 that one I had to create new site of course using the same folder of site already created from dreamweaver 8.This is what I get when I browse my index.htmlNot FoundThe requested URL /test1.html was not found on this server. Thankshelen :umnik2:

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