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hi,i have got a problem. i have database MSSQL and i want to migration to MYSQL.anysuggestion for me??because i want to build a Ecommerce site.btw anyone know the risk if we publish a database MSSQL using IP public??i think this is a second option if i can't migration to MYSQL. :Sad:

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in order to migrate from MS SQL to MySQL you can just export from MS SQL and import into MySQL both support export and important and because they are both based on SQL they should function okay in terms of accessing the database depending on the functions you've used you may have more problems for exmaple MySQL can use Limit where's MS SQL does not as one example. You should not need to publish a MS SQL using an IP address. we have a ms sql server and a web host that is located in a DMZ the web host and still talk to our MS SQL database without any problems and that does not have a public IP. Either way the damage to either a MS SQL and a MySQL data will also ways be the same, someone gets access and gets access and either manipulates the data, sells it or deletes it whether is is MySQL or MS SQL !

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