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Hello,i'm trying to move uploaded file the problem is i want to move to another site but it's under the host so my host directory looks like that /var/www/vhosts site1 site2 site3 site4we are running the four sites from 1 back end which is site onewhen i use for site 1 $uploadFile = '/var/www/vhosts/site1/images/' . $_FILES[$image['table']]['name']; @move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$image['table']]['tmp_name'], $uploadFile);it works finenow i need to move it to site2 $uploadFile = '/var/www/vhosts/site2/images/' . $_FILES[$image['table']]['name']; @move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$image['table']]['tmp_name'], $uploadFile);now is not workingthe admin file which process the files uploaded is in site1 i also changed the writing permission exactly the same for all sitesplease helpthanks

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