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error in asp classic"Javascript" when user insert data with ' symbol

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Hello everyone,how can I avoid error in insert code when user insert data with ' symbol? here is a sample for my code: var insert_to = " Insert Into messages ( title, message )" + " values ( '"+title+"' ,'"+message+"' )"; conn.execute(insert_to); how can I avoid that? "I am useing asp with JavaScript <%@Language="JavaScript"%> not VBScript" thanks...

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If they type the word "don't", then the query needs to look like this: ... values ('don\'t', ... The slash tells it that the quote is part of the data instead of a quote to end the string. Javascript strings have a method called replace that you can use to find and replace characters (find a quote, replace it with a slash plus a quote), or you can use String.split and Array.join.

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