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Insert the content of a file in a html web page

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Hi everyone, I want to know if I could do something as the next but with the content of a file: <img src=http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/myPhoto> with this you can insert a picture from the ip address ... well my question is if is there something similar but the content of a file. I have a file 0000.txt which contains a name "homer simpson". I've tried with object : <object data=""> It works but it introduce in the html code page the next: #document<html><head><style type="text/css"></style></head><body><pre style="word-wrap: break-word; white-space: pre-wrap;">homer simpson; </pre></body>Besides on the web page create a space.... it's like having two lines, and when you introduce it between they it seems 30 lines. So I want just the text, anything else ... but I can't get it ... thank you for your time and sorry for my english greetings!

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Use an <iframe> element.<iframe src="file.txt"></iframe> The better alternative, though, is to use a server-side language to include the contents of the file.

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Links like that won't work. You would have to do something like <img href="mysite.com/xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.jpg"> so instead of 0000.txt it is xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.txt. Inside of xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.txt could be the link to the image and the name:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.txt:

img: http://mysite.com/xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.jpgnam: Homer Simson

Or, you can use just one text file and just put the ips, names, and images inside there.data.txt:

ipx: http://mysite.com/ Homer Simpsonipx: http://mysite.com/ Lisa Simpsonipx: http://mysite.com/ Bart Simpson[more... more... etc]

Then you can use functions to extract the data based on the IP address.

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