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[object Window] properties


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Are these window properties supported in modem browsers?Am not that sure!

  • home()
  • forward()
  • back()
  • stop()


window.stop() //simulates the window stop button.

  • toolbar
  • statusbar
  • srollbars
  • menubar
  • locationbar
  • personalbar


window.locationbar.visible //Returns true, if the location bar is present, or false, if not.

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I would stick to using the standard properties and methods that appear here: http://w3schools.com/jsref/obj_window.asp For "forward" and "back" You can use the History object. I don't believe there's any equivalent to "stop()" Remember that your control over different menu bars is limited to what is in the paramteres of the window.open() method and also depends on whether the user has allowed you to control it in their browser settings.

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