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Combine: two tables


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1st code is the album. It works when by clicking on a album which will bring up this:

//initialize some vars$albumID = '';$album = '';//$songAlbum = $albumName; //check what photo we are looking forif(isset($_GET['id'])){	$albumID = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['id']);	//get the photo	$sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM albums WHERE albumID='$albumID' LIMIT 1");	while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){		$albumName = $row['albumTitle'];  $albumpic = $row['albumpic'];  $performer = $row['performer'];  $albumtype = $row['type'];  $titletrack = $row['titletrack'];  $genre = $row['genre'];  $releasedate = $row['releasedate'];  $distributor = $row['distributor'];  $albumtest .= ' <div id="content">	  <div id="name">' . $albumName . '</div>	  <div id="photo">	  <img src="../images/albums/album_th/' . $albumpic . '.jpg" />	  </div>	  <ul class="clearfix">	  <li>	  <span class="title">Performer (s)</span>	  <span class="data">' . $performer . '</span>	  </li><li>	  <span class="title">Type</span>	  <span class="data">' . $albumtype . '</span>	  </li><li>	  <span class="title">Title Track</span>	  <span class="data">' . $titletrack . '</span>	  </li><li>	  <span class="title">Genre</span>	  <span class="data">' . $genre . '</span>	  </li><li>	  <span class="title">Release Date</span>	  <span class="data">' . $releasedate . '</span>	  </li><li>	  <span class="title">Distributor</span>	  <span class="data">' . $distributor . '</span>	  </li></ul>	  	  </div>	  ';	}}else{	$albumtest = "There are no available albums at this time!";}

Second is the songs. It finds all the tracks from the album and places them in order.

// Get all the data from the "example" table$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM songs WHERE album='Agia 1st Album' ORDER BY tracknum")or die(mysql_error());echo "<ol>";// keeps getting the next row until there are no more to getwhile($row = mysql_fetch_array( $result )) {// Print out the contents of each row into a tableecho "<li>";echo $row['songTitle'];echo "</li>";}echo "</ol>";

My problem is combining them into one. I want when the album is selected, the page is displayed with album information and tracklist.

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