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VBScript delete array item and compact


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Hello I need to delete array items and compact the array (multidimentional). I have not been able to find any "build in" function for this in VBScript. I would like to be able to "delete" array items and compact the remaining items so there is no gaps. Array example:

Dim example(4,20) example(0,0) = "54HG12-KLD"example(1,0) = "Thingamabob"example(2,0) = "Good for long hikes."example(3,0) = "599" example(0,1) = "54HG12-GHJ"example(1,1) = "Thingamabob"example(2,1) = "Good for short hikes."example(3,1) = "499"...

Does anyone have a function er code snippet, or maybe some good advice on writing a function to tackle this. Kind regards Mads

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