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Making a div appear and disappear SOLVED with thanks in the last post


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This makes my div appear (when the display attribute is set to none) using the onclick event:

divTest = document.getElementById('linkContainer2');if (divTest.style.display === "none") {	divTest.style.display = '';}

I thought this would make it appear and disappear (depending on the display attribute) using the onclick event, but it doesn't. Why?

divTest = document.getElementById('linkContainer2');if (divTest.style.display === "none") {		divTest.style.display = '';	 } elseif (divTest.style.display === "") {		 divTest.style.display = "none";	}

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That was it. For everything there is a first time. I didn't have that distinction in my head until now. Thanks again dsonesuk and for your effort So Called. Also, I appreciate your comment justsomeguy. That probably wouldn't have occurred to me.

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