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Splice method query


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I have an array that shows culminatively the number of days in a year. Jan the first starts with 0 and then Feb 1st starts with 31 etc.

var months = new Array();  months[0]=0;  months[1]=31;  months[2]=59;  months[3]=90;  months[4]=120;  months[5]=151;  months[6]=181;  months[7]=212;  months[8]=243;  months[9]=273;  months[10]=304;  months[11]=334;

I want to change this for a leap year so that everything after Feb (array element 2 onwards) has +1 added to their values. I could do this via the splice method:


But this seems long winded, is there a quicker way? Like putting "months.splice(2,10,value+1);" or something similar? Thanks!

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