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POST url/mod_rewrite question

Don E

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to do a mod_rewrite for form POST/action urls?For example:<form method="post" action="page.php"> .............</form>Here's what I have:

Options +FollowSymlinksOptions -IndexesRewriteEngine OnRewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z]+)\/?$ $1.php [nc,l]

For the form, instead of the action being like how it is above, can I have it like this: <form method="post" action="page/"> .............</form> But when happens when submitting the page, it does/goes to this: http://localhost/testsite/page/page.php'>http://localhost/testsite/page/page.php Is it possible to get it to show/go to http://localhost/testsite/page/ (which is actually http://localhost/testsite/page.php)? Thanks.

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