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how can i make something like....


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hey sup, me again -_- kill me tmr lol jk jk anyway im trying to make a new system, "got a complain, after the person saw something pssssh" so now im working to make a news system and i was wondering how i can make mines look like this one http://www.talismanonline.com/ where it says "news" i dont want the styple but the part where there's a link, i know i need php and i need to make the id into a link with a <br /> tag after each link. but i dont know how to if i have to do it something like

echo '<a href"'.$row['id'].'">$title</a>' . $row[date];

so it could automatically place the news in place whenever someone create a new news. also how can i make the admin side of the news html writeable? or do i have to use an editor like tinyeditor, etc

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