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A newbie looking for a place to learn


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Hi there.As you can probably see, I am brand new to this site. But it is not only that I am new at, I am also new to programming, web mastering, and all of that. I have had an interest in this kind of stuff for some time now, but I am only now getting around to following up on it. I'm currently looking for a good place to learn, and I need some help. I have completed a High School level web mastering class recently, and they used W3schools in conjunction with another website (can not think of the name). W3schools seemed much user friendly, more thorough, more easy to use, and more complete. I recently have also read the W3fools site, which kind of turned me away from W3schools. I have completed all of the HTML portion of the site, and feel as if I may not have learned to the potential I should have. So the question is: Should I continue to use W3schools as my primary resource for learning the ins and outs of W3? I am looking into learning CSS, XML, Javascript, and Unix, and then go on from there into more things.Help would be kindly accepted.Thanks!

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W3Schools has a few mistakes but is one of the easiest ways to start learning. You will eventually learn which parts of W3Schools need fixing but most of it is fine in my opinion.

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