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2 corresponding random images


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i've fallen in on the deep end of javascript on my first day of ever looking at the code.. which could be a good thing.. forced to either sink or swim!I need to get a random image up.. which has been easy (lots of examples) but i have two images on the page which need to correspond with each other. Come up together but randomly..Would i..use the If statement? I've been trying this but must not be getting the wording right.or.. what?thanks

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I'm guessing the tutorials you've looked at have done something like:

var myImages = new Array();myImages[0] = "http://....image.gif";myImages[1] = "http://....image2.gif";var randImage = Math.floor( Math.random() * myImages.length);document.write('<img src="' + myImages[randImage] + '" />');

Yes?Well all you need to do is alter the array slightly, and the final output :)

var myImages = new Array();myImages[0] = new Array( "http://....image.gif" , "http://....image2.gif" );myImages[1] = new Array( "http://....image3.gif" , "http://....image4.gif" );var randImage = Math.floor( Math.random() * myImages.length);document.write('Image 1: <img src="' + myImages[randImage][0] + '" /> Image 2: <img src="' + myImages[randImage][1] + '" />');

Image.gif and Image2.gif always get shown together, and Image3.gif and Image4.gif always get shown together too.Hope that helps!

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