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100% height inside <li> element

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Hi, I've been struggling with this for a while now. http://www.creamedia.fi/horisontal_slider/ Is there any possibility to get scrollbars working inside the content areas? I don't want a scrollbar for the body.Overflow is set to auto and for all the parent elements height: 100%; min-height: 100%; (including html and body). I appreciate all the help, thanks.

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You will find that part of the problem stems from adding margin and padding to elements that already have 100% height. Padding and margins are added in addition to the element's height.Another thing you should change is the min-height declarations. There is no purpose in setting min-height when the height is already set. min-height and max-height are only good on elements that may vary in height. You should also remove any "width: 100%" declarations because elements naturally are 100% wide with the additional advantage that margin and padding are actually accounted for. Anyways, getting straight to the very root of the problem: You forgot a "height: 100%" property on the <ul> element.

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