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Automatic background fill to bottom of content


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I have created a content box with a link box inside and floated to the upper left corner. When I add regular content, it flows around the link box, as expected and down. My problem is having the background expand to the bottom of the content automatically. With IE9, it seems to expand automatically, however with Chrome it need either a set height or min-height. Added to that, when I use php for/next or a while statement to create multiple boxes beyond the html content, the background only expands to the bottom of this text and not to the bottom of the last box created with php. I have added a background to the php boxes, however because if the margins and link box, this width does not expand to the left and right margins of the main content box. I have fixed the width problem by adding a main box behind the content and link boxes to the same color, however I have still having a problem getting the background to expand automatically to the bottom of the php created boxes. Is there a CSS option for a box, that will automatically expand the background to the bottom of the content for both IE and others, regardless of html or php created (Note: that the number of boxes created by my php for/next changes continually based on the listings including on that page), which is why I would like it to expand automatically with varying lengths..

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