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problem with tween


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hey sup, im having a little problem, creating a animation that scale from bottom to top, when i use the transform tool and scale it down that work when i scale it back up that work but when i add the classic tween so that it will give it an effect it just drags (the first scale i did to take it all to the bottom) it to the top then jump to the original size (this is when i scale it back to normal) so say i have this


then i scale that down to


then on say frame 499 i scale it back to the first image which is


but instead it going like this

::		:::	    ::	 ::::	   :::	 :::	:::::	  ::::    ::::    ::::::::::	 :::::   :::::   ::::::::::::    ::::::  ::::::  ::::::::::::::   ::::::: ::::::: :::::::   // from bottom building itself up to the top

it just do this instead

 		    :		    ::		    ::::		    :::::::::::::	 ::::::::  // jump drags the first piece then jump to the second piece

which is not what im trying to do, and no matter how much i redo it it still comes out the same way is there anyway i can do this without having this problem?

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It is hard to say what is going on from your example. Are you trying to do a shape tween or motion tween? When you are tweening with the timeline and not with code just make sure the keyframes are correct and add the tween to the frames between them.
yes i know that much, and im doing a classic tween, not a shape or motion, i know all about the tween and whats not, but for some reason the transform effect doesnt take its action with the classic, shape nor the motion tween
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