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I am having trouble with putting a comment box on my blog, hosted by blogger.com. Do I need to do something special or buy domain space for that?

What do you mean by "comment"? Do you mean an <!-- HTML comment --> or an 'ASP comment?I've never used Blogger.com, but I'm willing to be the problem is being caused by the Blogger.com software HTML-encoding all of the characters. It causes this code:
<!-- comment -->

to become this code:

<-- comment -->

If you can see the <'s and >'s that you're typing, then thats definitely the cause of the problem, and theres no way to work around it.------Forget everything I said above. I missed the word "box" when I read the opening post the first time.Blogger.com has a built-in commenting system, however I've never used it so I'm not sure how to put comment systems on their site. I wouldn't think they'd expect you just to program your own comment system, you would probably have better luck troubleshooting your problem by going through the Blogger.com FAQ or chatting with the Blogger.com community.

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I think he's talking about a text box that someone can type a comment in to have the comment appear on the page (like a guestbook).I've never used blogger.com, but I would think that would have to be something that they support, I don't know if you can add your own code or not.

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