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How to set restriction in a complexType?


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Hi to all!I've a question to ask to you.If i have a simple type, i know how to set any restriction, like this:

....<xs:element name="age" type="integer"><xs:simpleType>  <xs:restriction base="xs:integer">   <xs:minInclusive value="3"/>   <xs:maxInclusive value="10"/>  </xs:restriction></xs:simpleType></xs:element>....

So i can only put a integer number included among [3,10].if i want to do this in a complexType like here

...<xs:element name="person"><xs:complexType><xs:sequence>  <xs:element name="age" type="xs:integer">...</xs:sequence></xs:complexType></xs:element>....

it should be something like this


but if i want to set limits to integer value age?

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You need to define your own simple type, and then set THAT type as the type of the element(s) you want it on - in this case, the "age" element.So for example:

<xs:element name="person"><xs:complexType><xs:sequence>  <xs:element name="age" type="childAge">...</xs:sequence></xs:complexType></xs:element><xs:simpleType name="childAge">  <xs:restriction base="xs:integer">   <xs:minInclusive value="3"/>   <xs:maxInclusive value="10"/>  </xs:restriction></xs:simpleType>

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