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Need guidance for a simple vertical menu


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I'm a complete newbie... I knew HTML1 years back, just trying to learn HTML5/CSS and well, making progress but slowly. Trying to do a small portfolio site for myself (art/photos/design) and have a pretty good chunk of the site done now, except having a 'few' issues with a vertical menu. Tried searching for it online for an hour, and everything is way too fancy for what I am after, or the subs are flyouts. I finally found something close, but jquery. Just wondered if anyone could point me to a cut/paste, download, or tutorial on how to do a menu like the one in the below link, however, right justified. I know, most are probably going to ask 'why right justified'... simply put, it matches the design/layout of my site. Wasn't sure to post this here or jquery, the below is jquery but really just want a working menu at this time that expands and stays open. What I have now is all double spaced, just have a list... which is fine for main menu items but I want the sub menus to be single spaced and no bullets/numbers. Basically, when on the Portfolio section of the site, I want the menu to appear, stay on the left throughout the pages, and when I click DESIGN, it expands, lists projects, I can click the project which takes me to that page but the menu stays open until I leave that section type deal. Can anyone point me into the right direction? Way behind on this project and running out of hair to pull. :) Link:http://www.stunichol...nutree.html#url ThanksHere is a layout of the site saved as a JPG for reference, menu on the left


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